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The Adelaide White Blend is a lush combination of tropical extracts of pineapple and mandarin fruit salad. The Okanagan Valley white grape harvest radiates a floral undertone and gives this unique blend an exquisite crisp and tangy taste. Adelaide White is ideal for the patio after a long day served either on its own or with poultry, fish or Indian cuisine. Serve at a temperature of 8°C. 

Bronze winner - BC Lieutenant Governor’s Wine Awards 2020.


This Gewürztraminer delights the pallet with rich flavours of fresh lychee, peach and tropical notes, perfectly touched with hints of stone fruit, mango and uncomplex fruits. This white wine is best served with spicy dishes, vegetarian/cheese platters or on its own. Serve this wine chilled at about 8°C to get the full effect of the wine.  


This 100% estate-grown, dry Viognier highlights white flowers, peach and mango with a crisp ending. It will linger on your tongue making it a complex wine that will be perfect for a sunny day. The Viognier will pair well with baked brie and apricot. Chicken dishes and white grilled vegetables. This Viognier will be best served at a temperature of about 8°C.


This Viognier Late Harvest is creamy, soft and complex showing balanced notes of stone fruit, tropical and spicey notes. This Velvety smooth and unique late harvest is long-lasting on the palate.  It goes perfect with most desserts, cheese dishes and with key lime pie or by itself overlooking the beautiful view of the water.  Serve chilled at 6°C.



ROSÉ 2020

This Rosé is a four-letter word for FUN!

Flavours of strawberry, red and wild berries and pomegranate. 

The off-dry taste is a crowd-pleaser for a hot summer day. A unique Rosé for the Okanagan Valley will stand on its own. This wine could be served with most light dishes. It pairs well with salads and cheese platters.  Serve at 12°C. 


Made from 100% Merlot, this sparkling Rosé has notes of strawberry, rhubarb, cherries and hints of raspberry. Its good balance between acidity and sweetness makes for a lingering and refreshing taste. Great for the patio or beach, it pairs well with salads, fruit platters or charcuterie boards with creamy cheeses.




The Merlot originated from a fresh harvest produced with good tannins, releases exciting fruity flavours. This wine is an experience of juicy red berries and ripe cherries that rests softly on the palette. This wine’s structure is velvety, smooth and best enjoyed with fresh fruits and Gorgonzola cheese. 


A very different wine, this unique Gamay stand on its own with dominant flavours of sour cherry, red liquorice and spices. Barrel-aged and ready to drink now. This wine will pair well with medium to heavier meat dishes, BBQ., cheese platters and risotto. This food-friendly wine is showing its best expression now.  Best served at about 16°C. 


This barrel-aged Merlot-Cabernet Franc blend is a well-rounded fuller-bodied red wine with hints of plum and dark red berries from the Merlot. Dried herb, toasted tobacco leaf and pepper flavours from the Cabernet Franc.  This Wise Guy will be a great addition to any big hearty meat dish like a leg of lamb, roast or even with some decadent dark chocolate cake. 




This fortified port-style wine stands on its own with its complex characteristics, long-lasting balanced finish with notes of stewed cranberries, cherries and pomegranate.  It pairs well with most desserts, heavier aged cheeses, or on its own at the end of a long cold day.  Found on the property after the previous owners left and hidden behind some boxes and other pallets. It best served at a temperature if 15°C.



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